Moderating bionet.*

Marco_Bleeker mbleeker at
Tue Mar 7 02:50:04 EST 1995

>David Kristofferson <kristoff at> wrote:

>>I once again make a plea to hear from those of you who don't normally
>>participate in these discussions.  The usual discussants in this group
>>have expounded at length as expected.  We'd like to hear from others,
>>too.  Please don't be shy!!

[expounding remark removed]

>It *is* good to hear from non-experts about what the frustrations
>are with the current situation, but I sincerely hope that Dave K.
>will not disregard the opposition to his own preferences from more
>experienced readers merely *because* we are familiar with bionet.*
>and Usenet in general. 

  This is not an answer.  I appreciate David's question, allthough it is very 
difficult to reach this group of non-participants...  I think this whole 
moderate-or-not dicussion is heavily polluting this area.  I dont't mind much 
tho, because I just skip it and press 'read all' .  If anybody wants to know:

No, please don't moderate.  Or tell me the need first.  In 1 page or less 
please, and private mail, or a very distinct subject line.

Bye, Marco

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