Commercial ads

Marco_Bleeker mbleeker at
Tue Mar 7 02:58:03 EST 1995

>>If we create a _separate group_ for commercial posts ...
>>the announcements could be archived, and then they would be
>>cumulative and searchable.

  What is commercial and what not ?  The line is often unclear and debatable. 
If a price is mentioned (scan texts for the $ sign) ?  Often there is only a 
hint of possible commercial follow-up on a msg.  Is that offensive ?

  I would like to have a say in the making of such rules then. If they are 
going to be made that is, for I see not reason for them as yet.

  Perhaps this is a thing that should be tackled first: if an area is to be 
moderated, what kind of say do the users have in the set of rules that the 
moderater uses ?

Bye, Marco

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