Univ. charging $100/mo./person for mainframe access

Eric C. Anderson anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Mon Mar 6 15:36:01 EST 1995

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> >gold at astro.ocis.temple.edu (Bert Gold) wrote:
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> >> One of the universities where I work has decided to charge $ 100 per
> >> person per month for mainframe access.  As everyone in these newsgroups
> >> knows, this kind of access is an absolute requirement for doing
> >> molecular biology in 1995!
> >
> >The University of Wisconsin in Madison not only does not charge, but it 
> >has been encouraging all of the students and faculty to make use of email
> >and other internet tools.  I think that it has been an enourmous help
> >to have these tools available.
> You are right.  Internet access is a must.  If the UW started to charge
> $100.00/month I'd tell them to screw themselves since there are many
> local net providers who will give you unlimited slip access for about
> a third to a quarter of this amount.
while i may not have all the facts right, i think that many people are
operating under a false assumption here.  there is almost always a
difference between mainfram access and internet access.  for instance, i
have 3 internet access accounts, one of which costs my department
$10/month, paid to the university computing service for backbone access and
upkeep (for those who care, it's this $10/user/month that keeps the
wuarchive site up and running maong other things), the other 2 are "free,"
or at least the costs are hidden somewhere.  however, if i wanted an
account on the Medical School's Vax (which would give me a 4th e-mail
address and GCG access which i've only ever used once), it would cost the
department $50/month.  most labs around here have gone to using only one or
two Vax accounts per lab since they get used about 10 times a month among
the lab as a whole.  everything else that's available on the Vax can be
done over the 'net (at the $10/month charge) or using Mac or PC based
software rather than the Vax based software.

i only bring this up because it seems that the university that is charging
may not be charging for Internet access but rather for an account on the
University-wide mainframe which is a rather different story.

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