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> And you would like and the other Internet hosts that
> keep bionet.* archives to do this for you?  

I wouldn't ask anyone to do this "for me." I'm exploring the options
because I believe researchers would benefit from such a service, not
because I want a personal favor. If the consensus among users and
administration is that bionet is not the best place for the service, then clearly shouldn't create it.

> Biz.* is the place
> for separate groups for commercial posts:  why not make your own
> group there?

That is an option I am considering, as I mentioned in previous posts. The
drawback is that the biz heirarchy is strongly associated with computers,
not with the practice of biology. 

At this point, I am still trying to see if bionet users and other
researchers will find value in a group dedicated to information from
industry. Many of the types of posts I mention in "What is a 'commercial'
post?" contain or announce useful infomration, and can't really be
classified as "ads." My question is - will bionet find value in such
announcements, especially if they are in a separate group?


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