What differences between normal and transformed cells?

Mr. P.A. Sansom psansom at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Mar 7 11:25:56 EST 1995

I'm working with transformed lines, both kinds of lymphocytes and also monocytes.
Mt protease of interest appears to be present in all of them, but I'm not sure
that this is not just an artifact of the transformation, as I read somewhere
that this can radically alter expression of proteins - maybe the protease is
a virally-derived one?

The bottom line is - how confident can I be that the observed effects are due
to hte cell lineage rather than their transformation (apart from the easy way
of isolating fresh cells 8). What effects is the process known to have - I 
can't find any good general refs on the subject.

If you can giz'a'clue then thanx in advance.


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