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Tue Mar 7 10:34:23 EST 1995

In article <rawlings-0603951115380001 at>, rawlings at (Jeff Rawlings) writes:
>............ That is why I would like to start a separate newsgroup
>for the purpose of discussing products and other commercial information. 
>Such a group could have many names. Possibilities are: bionet.products;
>bionet.methds-reagnts.commercial; biz.biotech.methds-reagnts; and others.
>People who want to see new product announcements could look there, and
>researchers who would like answers from vendors could post there.
>Does that proposal address your concerns?

I was under the impression that biz groups already existed. I think they
could serve a purpose, but I'm not sure they belong under the bionet. name.
I'd rather see bionet kept separate.  

Gina Berardesco
4700gbera at
University of Massachusetts, Boston

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