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History:  Vit K was discovered in 1929 by Dam.  He found that chickens on
a certain diet developped spontaneous bleedings, due to a low prothrombine
level in the blood.  Six years later he discovered that is was because of
a fatty product he then called Koagulations Vitamin (German): Vit K.

Two natural vit K products were discovered: Vit K1 (VK1) and Vit K2
(VK2).  First synthesis of VK1 was in 1939 by Fieser.  However, many
different chinonderivatives were discovered that had VK activity.

Structuree & properties:  VK is soluble in fatty solutions.  It is
available in many plant derived oils.  The product is light sensitive, but
it is rather resistant against heat.
VK1 and VK2 are naphtochinonderivatives (sorry: no structure can be send
this way, but they can easily be found in the Merck Index, centennial
edition).  Several synthetic derivatives are available, see table below:

VK1   Fyllochinon    2-methyl-3-fytyl-1,4-naphtochinon    from patatoes etc

VK2   Farnochinon    2-methyl-3-farnesyl-digeranyl-1,4-naphtochinon   (bacteria)

VK3   Menadion       2-methyl-1,4-naphtochinon           synthetic

VK4   Menadiol       2-methyl-1,4-naphtohydrochinon      synthetic

VK5                  4-amino-2-methylnaphtol                "

VK6                  2-methyl-1,4-diaminonaphtol            "

VK7                  4-amino-3-methylnaphtol                "

Since the natural products are not soluble in water, a bisulphite
derivative is used.

Biochemical role of the vitamine can easily be found in any textbook of
biochemistry and/or physiology.  Note that the vitamine has an important
role in  bloodcoagulation.

Hope this helps.

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