chloroplasts in humans?

Anne Bazanowski bazanowski at
Tue Mar 7 16:54:39 EST 1995

Don't you guys agree that it's a lot easier to bioengineer a kind of novel
algae/ lichen which can cohabitat with humans?  This novel creature is
going to have the following properties:
- it attaches to human skin.
-it uses our perspiration as the water and minaral source
-it likes our body temprature
-above all, it sends carbohydrates back to us through skin capillary veins.

It may sound ludicrous, but the advantages are more than I can count:
-shield the skin from UV damage, so that you can get as much sun tan as
you want.
-for the same reason, racism won't be able to exist
-Instead of an ugly body, death means a pile of beautiful plant, just like
Diaphne did a long long time ago.
You can certainly add more if you want.

There goes my proposal.  Do some couragious, global-minded heroes want to
try this energy-saving pollution free strategy?
                                                           Jie of PENN

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