Zoological E-mail Directory

Kevin Gaza encxpc at indy.net
Wed Mar 8 21:56:31 EST 1995

        Z O O L O G I C A L    E - M A I L    D I R E C T O R Y        
        You can now register with the Zoological E-mail Directory
        through your WWW browser by filling out the form at
        http://www.aazk.ind.net/zoodir/.  Thanks to the World
        Conservation Monitoring Centre, this directory is 
        available in a keyword-search format on the World Wide 
        Web.  The location is http://www.wcmc.org.uk/infoserv/
        zoodir.html.  Text version updates may be obtained by 
        ftp at ftp.wcmc.org.uk in pub/docs.  

        If you have a web site and could point to this directory, 
        it would be greatly appreciated.

Zoo and aquarium employees

Administrators of animal-related associations and societies

Wildlife rehabilitators, educators in animal related studies, and those doing 
animal-related research and who are associated with one of the following:
  A zoo or aquarium
  An animal-related association or society
  A university, academy, or college

Thank you for your participation.

Terry Polk
Indianapolis Zoo

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