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>[Re; 'Y' Chromosome linked to criminal behaviour]
>> Please share the appropriate scientific references that back up your
>> claim!
>Well <g> I submit, Prof. Steve Jone's radio broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on
>the subject of genetics and criminality, though I doubt that he has
>published this material in written form. Maybe in a back-copy of "The

The Radio Four programme you refer to was one of a series about 2 years ago.  He was Reith Lecturer for that year, and gave a set of 6 or so lectures on many "genetics in the public eye" topics.

I believe there was a book published to accompany the series.  BBC books will probably know where you can get it, and what it's called.  So - the material is in written form.

>I suggest that anyone who doubts the linkage between sex and crime
>simply reviews the ratio male/female in their local penal system. Or
>maybe reviews court cases pertaining to rape and lists how many were an
>action by a male victim against a female assailant.
>Stephen Firth

Another excellent author on criminal actions and their causes is Colin Wilson.  His book "Written in Blood" is a history of forensic science from Roman times to the present day.  The last chapter is titled  "The soul of the criminal" and details the many failed attempts to characterise criminals by criteria as diverse as as nose length and hair colour (termed Bertillonage after its french founder, Bertillon).  There's also discussion of why so many criminals are men.

I assume if the "criminal gene" does exist, it will carry other genes very close to it.
200 years of examining criminals' features has not found such a phenotype, and I doubt it ever will.
(For the feminists present, spare us the limp explanation that the phenotype has already been found, and it's called a penis)

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