chloroplasts in humans?

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>-shield the skin from UV damage, so that you can get as much sun tan as
>you want.

If the skin is shielded from UV, you could get as much exposure as you want,
but no sun tan, since the UV won't be able to stimulate melanin production.

>-for the same reason, racism won't be able to exist

Ha!  Different physiologies may well select different strains of the proposed
organism.  Believe me, human nature will find a way to think about this rac-
ially.  Otherwise, there are some advantages to the proposal, but there may
(probably will) be unintended consequences.  On the optimistic side, these
consequences could be beneficial, but one must be very cautious.

>There goes my proposal.  Do some couragious, global-minded heroes want to
>try this energy-saving pollution free strategy?
Might not be pollution free, depending on the metabolic products.  Remember,
some lichins can destroy mountains (if one has enough time).  A few photo-
active vapors released into the atmosphere could be more dangerous than cow
flatulence.  ;-)
				Bill Tivol

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