Changing BIOSCI - My 2 cents worth

Dan Zabetakis dan at
Wed Mar 15 16:35:40 EST 1995

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Pamela Norton <pnorton at> wrote:
>I don't think that posting an "anonymous" CV would be very useful. How can
>one list one's background, experience and especially publications, with out

  I don't think anon job searching is likely to be useful, but someone _might_
want to try it. They might also want to ask anonymously if what people think
if thier job offer has some strange provision. I could understand if someone
wanted to post "A company wants me to transfer all ownership rights of
everything I do in or out of lab to them, is this OK?" to, and I
can understand why they would want to seek opinions anonymously.

> I'm having a hard time thinking of a reason to allow anonymous
>postings to any of the bionet groups. 

   But the real question is why do articles need to be "allowed". It is 
the proposed changes that make anon postings an issue. 
   It should be noted that many network service companies allow users to
use any name they want, and that the name reported in E-mail doesn't mean
that the person sending it is the one identified.


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