Cranial Nerves

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>>>I remember the mnemonic device: On Old Olympus Towering Tops, A Finn And
>>>German Viewed Some Hops.  
>>>The word *Some* has me stumped.  Was the accessory nerve ever named
>>>something else?  Or have I got the mnemonic device wrong? 

>>It's also known as the spinal accessory--the Some is for "Spinal."
>>The mnemonic can also go "Viewed A Hop" to cope with just-plain
>>"Accessory."  When I learned the mnemonic, "Finn And" was replaced
>>by words suggesting that the poor German had a large rump.  

     Yes indeed, and when I was a student, the "German" was "girl."
     A few decades earlier still, the "viewed" had been been "performed"
     because for a time the vagus nerve was called the pneumogastric.
     This ancient mnemonic for the cranial nerves (known as the "clean
     version" among British schoolboys) still does not accommodate
     current nomenclature, because the 8th nerve ("arsed") has been
     called vestibulo-cochlear for many years, and the name seems
     unlikely to change again.  Sic transit gloria.

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