help! Inhibitors of prenyl alcohol dehydrogenase!

Wei Xiao wei at
Wed Mar 15 23:01:46 EST 1995

Hi, I am posting this message for a friend who does not have usenet access.
She is a Ph D student in the Nutritional Science Department in UW- Madison.
I would really apprecaite your help. Please send mail to me or directly to
her at:  lhe at
my e-mail is wei at


   I did some research work on the mevalonate pathway regulation in B16 
melanoma cells. Now I need to find an inhibitor that is specific for 
prenyl alcohol(farnesol or/and geraniol) dehydrogenase. This inhibitor 
should be permeable to the cell. Is there anyone know that if phenobarbital 
( an inducer of P450 monooxygenase ) is permeable to the cell membrane?



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