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Joe Cheng jcheng at
Thu Mar 16 21:52:15 EST 1995

hcorbett (hcorbett at wrote:
: I have a friend from Germany who is interested in applying his engineering
: background to medicine. For example, designing prosthetics or corrosion-
: resistant plastics or artificial septa.

There are many university biomedical programs, though many do not offer a
biomaterials section like you are implying.  It sounds like you will need to
write many of them and ask for references on people who specialize in
tribology (study of wear mechanisms in prosthetics).  

: Would you kindly point me to either relevant educational programs in
: Europe or North America, or to manufacturers who would be willing to
: take on my friend for an internship?

As university listings are pretty prevalent, I'll list some biomaterials
companies :

Zimmer (219) 267-6131
Osteonics (201) 825-4900
TechMedia (800) 541-9511
Biomet (Warsaw, Indiana)
DePuy (219) 267-8143
Dow-Corning (901) 867-9971
Celtrix (415) 856-0200
US Surgical (Stamford, CT)
3M (St Paul, MN)
Howmedica (Rutherford, NJ)
Intermedics (512) 835-1971

Give them a call, they may be able to offer you more information and company
information.  Hope that helps.


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