Km of glutamate dehydrogenase

Art Eschenlauer eschen at
Sun Mar 19 09:34:02 EST 1995

Try _The Enzyme Handbook_ by Barham. There is also a newer version in 
multiple (looseleaf) volumes which may be more helpful, though Barham is 
probably not an author. If you still have no luck, mail me.

enrcaslt at wrote:
: Hello,
:       I am looking for the Km values of the enzyme
:  glutamate dehydrogenase (from bovine liver) for the
:  main substrates: glutamate, NAD(P), oxoglutarate and NAD(P)H

: This enzyme is so well known that I am sure this information must 
: exist somewhere. However, I have search Methods in Enzymol.,
:  Boyer's 'The Enzymes' and Bergmeyer's without success.
:  Probably the editions I have in my library are too new! 

: If any of you could give me a reference or a hint on where to search
: I would be very grateful.

: I need this information now for my research. In the worst case
: I can measure it myself. But I want to raise a question:
:  valuable, old, information may be lost because it is unaccesible.
: The Web (for instance, the ExPASy server) is plenty of molecular
:  information about sequence and structure of proteins, but this
:  "irrelevant" information is missing.

: Enrique Castro,
: Dept. Bioquimica, UCM
: enrcaslt at

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