Vladimir N. Strocov VSTR at
Mon Mar 20 07:58:03 EST 1995

Dr.Puchkova (Group on the study of Inborn Errors of Cupper Metabolism,Lab. of
Human Molecular and Biochemical Genetics,Department of Molecular Genetics,In-
stitute for Experimental Medicine,St.Petersburg,Russia) is looking for moral
support for the investigation of molecular mechanisms of cupper homeostasis
during ontogenesis.This studies are very important due to the preliminary
data on the content and fractional distribution of copper in human milk and
artificial mixes.These studies established:the artificial mixes contains
abnormal cupper fractions and it is very dangerous for newborns.This studies
are very important for the PRODUCERS of ARTIFICIAL MIXES and for Organizations
Controlling their quality.Please,HELP us to find the users of this information.
Send your messages by e-mail VSTR at or fax + 812-3165193.

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