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Tarik Haydar thaydar at
Mon Mar 20 09:50:36 EST 1995

On 20 Mar 1995 I.YAP at CGNET.COM wrote:

> We would like to know if anyone has any training materials or modules on
> basic molecular biology techniques, or if anyone knows where we can
> purchase such materials. Any media would do, such as video tapes, slides, 
> CD-ROMs, etc. Our lab is involved in a lot of training under the Asian
> Rice Biotechnology Network.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Noel Yap
> Entomology and Plant Pathology Division
> International Rice Research Institute
Drs. Barbara Osbourne and Anne Simon at the University of Massachusetts 
at Amherst lead a quite successful and informative biotechnology course 
with topics such as DNA sequencing, plasmid transformation of bacterial 
cells, plant transformation and ELISA etc.  
While when I took the course the medium was paper (in the form of protocols 
and theoretical background), they might know of, or now use, instructional 
aids via computer or the like.  They can be reached via email, and their 
addresses are available through any gopher server.

hope this helps 

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