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Graduate/Senior Undergraduate Course in
Neurobiology at Bamfield Marine Station

Bamfield, a picturesque fishing village on the west coast of Vancouver 
Island, forms the setting for the Marine Station. Nearby, Barkley Sound's 
abundant marine life and rich diversity of habitats afford many unique 
opportunities for teaching and research in the marine and coastal 
sciences. The Station is jointly operated by the University of Alberta, 
the University of British Columbia, the University of Calgary, Simon 
Fraser University and the University of Victoria.

Invertebrate Neurobiology   (3 weeks:  August 14 - Sept. 1)
Marine Science 502.2(701.2 Calgary)
A practical introduction to modern techniques in neurobiology, with an 
emphasis on their application to behavioural studies.  Lab exercises will 
use  local invertebrate fauna with emphasis on the Mollusca and 
Cnidaria.  Sufficient theoretical background will be given to support 
laboratory work, although students are expected to have at least a senior 
undergraduate standing.
PREREQUISITE:	Introductory physiology:  courses in physics and 			
invertebrates recommended
INSTRUCTORS:	Dr. Andy Spencer, Bamfield Marine Station and 			
University of Alberta, 
			Dr. Ken Lukowiak, University of Calgary
			Dr. Jeff Goldberg, University of Alberta

Students who are currently registered at one of the member universities 
(UC, UA, UBC, SFU, UVic) pay tuition at their home university.  All other 
students must register at the University of Victoria, where tuition for a 
3 week Bamfield course is $213 for Canadian students and $639 for foreign 
students.  All students must pay a room and board fee of $410 upon 
arrival at Bamfield Marine Station.  Non-member students must also pay a 
non-member fee of $21 upon arrival at BMS.  The total cost for the course 
is therefore:
Students from member universities:		$623
Students from other (Canadian) universities:	$644
Foreign students:				$1070

The normal deadline for receipt of applications is March 24, 1995.  
However, qualified students for this course may be accepted after this 
initial deadline.  Please phone, e-mail or fax if you are interested in 
the course after March 24, 1995.

University Programs Coordinator, Bamfield Marine Station
Bamfield, British Columbia, Canada V0R 1B0
Telephone: (604) 728-3301 Fax: (604) 728-3452  
e-mail:  dhutch at

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