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> I guess you've missed the whole point.  Such is the typical response from
> typical "white" apologists. Virtually all  the ethnic groups Reeves
> mentions are well represented in science. As any scientist will tell you
> (grad student; postdoc etc) there is a paucity of African Americans,
> Hispanics and Native americans in science, the reasons for which we can
> discuss at great length but not here.  This program is meant to address
> this imbalance.  Does this make sense to you or do you need more
> explanations?

This makes no sense what so ever... instead of hiring based on who is the
most qualified, people are hired on race/sex/...  So less qualified people
will be hired.  This will hurt the US, raise your taxes, make us less
competitive.  I've first hand seen government contractors do exactly
this (they decisions did not affect me, except indirectly).

When I hire someone I want to hire the *best* there is -- I do not
care what 'minority' they are.  Otherwise my competition
will beat me.  I think laws require equal employment are great ...
but stupidity isn't.

'Meant to address this imbalance' is no excuse.  I can think of many
types of inbalences ... should everyone become deaf because a few are?
(Suggest you read Kurt Vonneguts' piece on this topic!)

Now that each side has had one posting, followups to some more
appropriate group (already done).

- f

(Yes, I'm a white male ... but i've lived/worked in two different
places where I was a minority -- in one, by a 90+:1 ratio).

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