Electro-Magnetic Fields and Health

Doug Doug
Thu Mar 23 12:21:33 EST 1995

Are there any documented findings as to the effect on fertility and/or 
pregnancy of electro-magnetic fields and radiated energy in general?  
My wife and I have had two miscarriages in 15 months, and are planning 
to try again in a year.  In the first two pregnancies, we slept on a 
waterbed, heated electrically from underneath, as usual.  At her place 
of work there are some power transformers relatively close to her office.

Could these factors have affected our pregnancies?  Do any of you know of 
any studies that have researched this area?

Also, they are planning on installing even more electric transformers and 
such near my wife’s office.  Does anyone know the OSHA regulations regarding
safe distances, or what constitutes an unhealthy workplace?

Any information at all would be appreciated.  

Please send replies to me via email.  Thanks!

dsbailey at ingr.com

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