Chemistry of (large) cat piss (scent marking)

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Fri Mar 24 06:29:55 EST 1995

Tmlawyer (tmlawyer at wrote:
} This reminds me of a supposedly true story about a Johns Hopkins chemistry
} professor.  This fellow (never married and lived with his mother) had a
} farm outside of Baltimore.  He was plagued by rabbits.

} Bright idea!   spread lion dung and urine soaked bedding around the farm
} and the rabbits will be scared shitless.

Wolf's piss is used to scare away elks from highways in some country,
forget which. Sweden is supposed to export wolf's piss to Saudi Arabia
for this purpose, they hope it scares camels off the roads. Don't know
how well it works.

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