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Clemens Suter-Crazzolara un691cs at
Fri Mar 24 16:59:55 EST 1995

> does anyone have information on spontaneous combustion, I have a major paper  
> for over the summer and I need info quick, this would be gretly appreciated.
> Please send to S2200103 at
> also i would appreciate any info on partheneogenesis, if any one has any.
> 					THANX,
> 						DUKE
Isn't that when people all of a sudden go up in flames ? I have
seen some pictures of this, always thoght it to be a lot american
bad tasting sausage. For a major paper I would choose a different
subject. If you are a biologist or medicine man, why not a paper
about programmed cell death or neurotrophic factors or transforming
growth factors/cytokines or genetherapy.... etc etc etc.
At least that would be more relevant. If you want some info, call
(by the way, if you get some interesting answers to your question, 
I would still be interested to hear about this, hihihihi).


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