Take Action! Local Earth Day Events Nationwide

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Thu Mar 23 16:36:42 EST 1995

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st0214 at STUDENT-MAIL.JSU.EDU (Michael Gaugler) writes:
>> > April 22 will mark the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day.
>> > [snip]
>> > If you have started to plan some things, please let us know!
>>   I plan to take my 12mpg Ferrari for a VERY long drive [snip]
>Dear Sir:
>With any luck you will wrap your car around a telephone pole and need to 
>be air lifted to the local hospital.  There, you will need a drug to stop 
>the pain so that the pole can be removed from your seat but the drug will 
>no longer be available because someone has cut down a tropical tree.
>..  > > 
Or run into it with a Ferrari?? ;-)
				Bill Tivol

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