marine tardigrades

Chris Finelli finelli at
Sat Mar 25 21:40:57 EST 1995

st0214 at STUDENT-MAIL.JSU.EDU (Michael Gaugler) writes:

>I am a senior researching marine intersitial tardigrades.  I am the first 
>person in the state of Alabama to document them within the state.  Is 
>there anyone else working on marine tardigrades?  If so let me know.  
>Michael S. Gaugler

You may want to check with Dr. Bruce Coull at the University of South 
Carolina.  If anyone knows who is working on meiofauna anywhere in the
country, it would be him.

He can be reached at 
Bruce Coull 
Marine Science Program 
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

or coull at


Chris Finelli (Internet: finelli at (803) 777-3943
Marine Science Program, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC 29208

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