diameter of human hair?

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sun Mar 26 07:36:20 EST 1995

Dear Bartosz:

Human hair varies immensely in diameter. Why don't you just measure the
hairs you've got? Try a vernier caliper (available at any machine shop or
their supplier) or a compound microscope with an eypiece reticle and a
stage micrometer. Alternately, count a bunch of hairs, squish them
together neatly between two microscope slides, and measure the width of
the lot of them. Then divide by the number. Do physics, not literature
searches. -Dick Gordon, U. Manitoba[Mar26,95]
ps: Since you came in on bionet, I'll assume you are interested in 
biology per se, and am sending you my "Physicist to biologist: a first 
order trasition"

On 26 Mar 1995, Bartosz Grzybowski wrote:

> Hi, I'm doing a physics lab in college and I determined the diameter
> of a human hair by diffraction of laser light.  I need to compare my
> result of 0.06mm with a literature value.  If anyone knows the diameter
> please respond to me by e-mail.  If possible I would also request book 
> title.  Thanks in advance.
> Bartosz Grzybowski
> bartosz at direct.ca

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