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Sun Mar 26 20:46:18 EST 1995

ATTENTION: They are going to drill for oil in our water. It is bad.

Help the local group in Homer, Alaska to fight the Lease Sale 149.
We have already lost to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and we do not want any 
more pollution. The local ecosystem cannot bear any more accidents. Please 
help us TODAY........

The U.S. Department of the Interior Mineral Management Services (MMS)
proposes to open two million acres of Lower Cook Inlet of Alaska to
oil drilling.  The MMS predicts a 64% cumulative probability of two or
more major oil spills and a 100% chance of minor spills.

This is a national issue and the region of the lease sale boarders:
        -FOUR national parks and preserves
        -FIVE national wildlife refuges
        -SIX critical habitat areas

Oil development in the waters of Lower Cook Inlet threatens:
        -World-famous McNeil River Grizzly Bears
        -1/4-1/2 of N. Pacific endangered humpback whales
        -Threatened Stellar Sea Lions
        -Over 100 species of shorebird colonies
        -World-famous salmon and halibut
        -Multi-million dollar commercial and recreational fisheries
        -Subsistence communities and Native Villages
        -Thriving tourist industry
        -Culturally diverse human populations
        -Stable and sustainable economies
        -The homes and lifestyles of rural Alaskans

The MMS estimates that Lease Sale 149, at most, holds only two months
worth of oil to meet our nations demands--a minimal gain for such a
tremendous loss.

Grassroots effort is the key to change.  Only with your help can
we work together to stop oil development in Alaska.  For more information
contact Alaskans for Clean Water 907-235-4287 or Greenpeace 907-277-
8234 or write me at ISMDM at

To help, write to:
Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt,
US Dept. of the Interior
1849 C St, NW
Washington DC 20240.

Judith Gottlieb, Regional Director
U.S Dept. of the Interior
MMS, Alaska OCS Region
949 East 36th Avenue
Anchorage, AK  99508-4302

Thank you for your dedication to protect my home and our planet.

Marla McPherson     ISMDM at

Alaskans for Clean Water
P.O.Box 2666
Homer, AK  99603

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