Alternatives to Formalin/Formaldehyde?

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>What's the difference between formalin and formaldehyde?  I've read
>that formalin is commonly used for chemical sterilization of food
>processing equipment.

    Formaldehyde = HCHO (a gas)
    Formalin     = 37-40% w/w HCHO in water. Actually consists
                   largely of methylene hydrate and low polymers.
                   Some methanol is added in manufacture, to
                   reduce polymerization.
    Paraformaldehyde = solid high polymer of HCHO. Depolymerizes as it
                   dissolves (typically in a physiological buffer; won't
                   dissolve in pure water) at 60C.  Used as a source of
                   methanol-free formaldehyde (methylene hydrate),
                   especially in fixatives for electron microscopy.

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