Alternatives to Formalin/Formaldehyde?

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>>   Recently several of my co-workers and I have become concerned
>>over the large amounts of formalin preserved samples that we have
>>to deal with in an average working week.  As most of you know,
>>Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen/mutagen/teratogen and also causes
>>lung and skin problems.  While we take precautions in the lab and
>>handle the samples carefully, it would be preferrable to not have to
>>use this substance at all.

>You might consider Histochoice produced by Amersco (sp?)

In general the use of proprietary secret mixtures is not acceptable
behaviour for scientists.  If any kind of staining or histochemical
study of the specimens is intended, knowledge of the chemical nature
of the fixative is a must.  Aside from some people who are unduly
susceptible to formalin (causes eczema), have you ever heard of anyone
being harmed in any way by this compound?

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