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Tue Mar 28 01:57:59 EST 1995

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> Hi,
>    I'd like to "talk" to someone who has put together
> a Mac system for taking video images of DNA gels and
> printing them on a video printer or 600 dpi printer.
> The BioRad system is (Can) $12,000 (without the computer or printer),
> I'm sure I must be able to beat that.
> So, if you're happy with your system and can spare a few minutes, Email me
>  with your phone # and I'll call you back!

I'm developing a small program for interpretation of pictures taken of agarose 
gels with a CCD-camera, but the program you need might be something like
NIH Image. It is a very powerful freeware program and it is avaible from
anonymous ftp site:, path: pub/nih-image, complete with
source code   ( Pascal )

Eric Bjorkvall
orca at

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