Burning paper???

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>Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 15:34:41 GMT

>nowakp at hfsi.hfsi.com (Paul Nowak) writes:

>>kguite at uoguelph.ca (Kimberlee Guite) writes:

>>>I know this is strange but does anyone know the temp at which paper 
>>>catches on fire?

>>Fahrenheit 456 ... if I rememeber my Ray Bradbury correctly.

>I think you mean 451.  And I think the figure is meant in a literary
>sense rather than as a statement of scientific fact.  For one thing,
>this is less than 250 celcius, so you should be able to ignite paper
>in an electric oven at about bread baking temperature --- something I
>haven't been able to do --- and surely it varies depending on the type
>of paper anyway?

Personally I think you should re-use that paper instead of burning it. 
Supplies are not unlimited you know.

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