Earth Day

Charles Edward Perrior perriorc at
Wed Mar 29 17:17:31 EST 1995

Don't you just love the cut and thrust of the intellegent debate surrounding 
this event?  As an unappreciated Ecologist and ardent greenie, I can readily 
appreciate the insults hurled at that idiot who was knocking an undoubtely 
informed and enthusiastic individual who was only trying to promote an event 
that is aimed at preserving whats left of the life on the planet.

As an 'educated' individual, he should realise that the ever increasing 
volumes of noxious fumes, pumped out by the increasing numbers of automobiles, 
are causing environmental changes that could be detrimental to all life on the 
planet, not just human beings. No doubt he also cuts down the trees and 
masscres what wildlife there is left, on the weekends. Personally I think he 
should be castrated and lobotomised, without anisthetic of course!

Charles Perrior...

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