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Fri Mar 31 03:44:00 EST 1995

Thanx for the info. As I said I wasnt sure about EU regulations
on such devices.  As you can well imagine non-invasive blood
sugar monitoring is a real advance, especially for children 
(w/juvenile diabetes) as it will eliminate the trauma of
finger sticks to get a drop of blood used in the current
equipment.  The technology is used for measuring oxygen
saturation levels as it eliminates the need for an arterial
puncture.  It saves millions in the when arterial blood
is needed merely to check oxygen saturation levels. These devices
are used in European hospitals and at costs ranging from $800 to 
more than $3000 (probably more in the they are not for
the private or at home user but for the more critically ill
or chronically ill institutionalized patient. 

The last time I had to deal with US medical equipment overseas
was in France when I had to translate a whole computer program
in order to get some lung function equipment into the
country. That was about it. That was back in 1977 and I havent
done anything along those lines since.


Steve Grenard
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