Scientific Censorship and Evolution

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>> >Viruses resembling _Pedomicrobium_ and influenza  were
>> >identified by Hans Dieter Pflug in a meteorite in 1981 (see
>> >"The Facts of Life" page 239 for further details). 
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>> This sounds very interesting. Do you have a reference from a 
>> peer-reviewed journal for this discovery?
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>Dear Richard,
>1) Which kind of virus is called Pedomicrobium? (It's a serious question, I
>do not know. The part *microbium* seems to indicate that this is a very old
>name for a virus, coming from the age when it was not clear the diff.
>between microbes and viruses, so there should be a modern name also).
>2) Don't you think that the enviromental conditions that can be found on a
>meteorite (beside the heating occurred during its passage through the
>atmosphere) would be a little challenging even for those nasty boys like
>influenza viruses (but maybe you are telling us that they found *fossiles*
>of viruses?)
>3) Have you asked Dr. Quatermass what he thinks about that?
>BTW, try to support your conclusions with serious scientific data, at least
>with data that *sound* like serious. This is fiction (to be polite).

Why don't you simply consult the reference I gave? 

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