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Fri May 5 03:10:48 EST 1995

Re    : Request for Assistance
Date  : 3rd April 1995

Dear Friends,
I am writing on behalf of the South London Innovation C***************************************************
 Michael P. Kolotila, Ph.D.        * e-mail:  MKOLOTIL at neccadm3.necc.masentre, we are a
small group of inventors and technicians of various faculties.

We wish to participate in a research project rtment of Natural Science     * voice :  508-374-3887
 Northern Essex Community College  *
 100 Elliott Way                 of a UK government body,
which invites proposals for the research into the use of ionisation
to control samonella. It specificy mature 
> members of the opposite sex for mating.		
> On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Judith C. Price wrote:
> > 
> > In a prevally wishes research to be made into 
the use of copper und silver ions to control the proliferation of
legionella in hot wate*****************
                   Pallidrome:  Have DNA, Will Travel
****************************************************r systems.

The research must be in the form of a field trial, and not a labority

While we have our own ideas ulti-age classroom, grades
> > >> 4-6, I was presenting our family life curriculum and a student asked a
> > >> question I cin this matter, we would like to hear
from any party which has to give us some guidance, and share their
experiences with us. > > >> 0518wel at InforMNs.k12.MN.US and put Kuiper in the subject line.
> > >> Thank you in advance for your assistance
> > >>All commenst are kindly received.

We thank in advance

Yours truly

Alphonse Boehm

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