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Mon May 8 23:22:48 EST 1995

In my capacity as the Secretary of the Uniformed Services Radiation
Oncology Group (USROG), I have gathered a group of nationally recognized,
university-based Radiation Oncologists who wish to serve as an Editorial
Board for a non-profit, academic Internet Radiation Oncology Journal Club.
 Each Editor is willing to submit one contemporary literature reference
per month (must-read literature) from his or her area of expertise: Breast
Cancer, Gynecologic Oncology, Head/Neck and Skin Cancer, Gastrointestinal
Malignancies, Genitourinary Malignancies, Reticuloendothelial
Malignancies, Central Nervous System Tumors, Pediatric Oncology, Lung
Cancer / Other Mediastinal Tumors, Radiation Oncology Physics and
Dosimetry, and Radiobiology.  I wish to post these references to a
or bionet newsgroup, where they could be read by cancer patients, oncology
professionals, and ancillary health care
providers, and discussed in a moderated professional forum.  I would
expect a potential readership in the thousands, including patients, their
families, Radiation/Medical/Surgical Oncologists, as well as Nurses,
Therapists, Dosimetrists, other-than-Oncology Physicians, and Health Care

I have drafted a Request For Discussion (RFD) for a new moderated
newsgroup, and submitted it to a UseNet mentor, and this
draft is being reviewed.  He has suggested that it may be appropriate for
the bionet, as well.  In the meantime, I've been advised to get a
discussion going re this proposal on existing related newsgroups.  I'm
seeking an independent newsgroup primarily because I think the forum
discussion that will follow the monthly posting of references needs to be
moderated to keep the comments constructive and on-track.  What are your
thoughts re a Radiation Oncology Journal Club Newsgroup?  I'd appreciate
your input.

Brian Goldsmith, M.D.
C, Radiation Oncology, Tripler Army Medical Center
Secretary, Uniformed Services Radiation Oncology Group

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