Eating Bugs

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara un691cs at
Tue May 9 11:28:45 EST 1995

> > one of the resons birds of prey die out is because of the insecticides
> > and chemicals that are present in resistant insects....
> If you are going to assert this point, please do some research on the 
> topic.
> Can you, perhaps, name the one category of insecticides that is 
> implicated in biomagnification?
> Of the members in this category,  how many are still in use?
> To what category of insecticides is resistance most often seen?
> I am afraid you are debating a point that has not been relevant for 
> at least a decade.
> Greg

I forgot to mention bats. 
The point that you are trying to make is not completely clear to me.
Are you trying to tell me that your company does not produce insectecides
that may accumulate in the course of a foodchain ?


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