Moutain Lions....

Jerry Gilliam jg at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon May 15 20:21:44 EST 1995

> Do you have specific questions? I'll gladly answer them.  There are research 
> groups which I can send you to also for info.

I have some questions regarding mtn. lions, I will appreciate any
knowledgeable replies.  As a hiker and backpacker, mtn. lions and
self-defense stratagies have been a topic of some interest amongst
myself and the guys I've gone backpacking with.  :-)

What time of day are these animals primarily active?  Most attacks seem
to have occurred during the day.  Are there any records of mtn. lions
attacking individuals during the night, or while asleep in their tents?
Obviously, this is the time in which we'd be most vulnerable.

I assume that the typical attack would be a stalk from behind, followed
by the good old traditional pounce, in which the neck would be targeted.
Have any backpackers been attacked in this fashion?  Does the presence
of a large backpack have any deterrent effect, like making us seem
larger thus more dangerous to attack?

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