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>Stick them in a salt dome and FORGET ABOUT THEM!!! Would you believe that 
>psychologists, artists, and other random folks have actually been 
>comissioned to figure out how to make a "warning" to cultures 10,000 
>years from now to NOT OPEN the deposit???
>Give me a break!!!
>Nuclear power wouldn't be nearly as expensive as it is if the god-damned 
>ecoFreaks would let up. I think the sad truth is if safe, clean power 
>became a reality they wouldn't have anyone left to bitch at... and they 
>fear that more than eating a plate full of dioxins from the local 
>generating plant any day!

Now now, you can't blame the ecologists on this.  True there are some 
militant ones out there, but they aren't driving up the cost as much
as big (free market yeah right) business does.  Big business fixes 
prices real high, to make old resources look good (ie - cheap coal and
oil) after all they need to get rid of these old resources while they
can still sell them (along with catalytic converter and chemicals 
additives for gasoline, a sweet deal eh?).

I think one thing to look at is motivation.  Most of the Power and
Utility companies have vested interests in selling what they do have
as well as selling you products to protect you from what you are
buying.  This however is business, but it is driven by profit margins.

THe "ecoFreaks" as you put them are not quite as, organized or as
profitable.  Companies like Greenpea$e are based almost solely on
making money.  But the vast majority of eco-conscious people are
more interested in living cleaner and having a cleaner future.

Big business is profiting here and now, full of old foggies and
younger greedy people who are only worried about now.  

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