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>		Can anyone tell me anything about plato and socrates and 
>their homosexuality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>	Quotations would be helpful.
>	thank you

The society and culture was quite homosexual. especially but our (USA) standards.
Throughout most of Europe it was much of the same, in that the perfect form was
that of the male.  In period art for example you will notice that there are few
female nudes.  Even later after christian influence, homosexual influence was 
in the culture.  Artists like Michalangelo is an excellent case in point, in his
artwork are are almost no females and those that are there are basically brutish
male bodies with breasts.  His males are very effeminate on the other hand.
Donatello (sp?) also another period artist...  His statue of David... Nice hat
for those who know it.  But as far as Plato and Socrates and their homosexuality...

Well that was culture and not something unique...

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