Funky bacterial insulin

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Thu Nov 2 08:07:30 EST 1995

CABC/W95 (nmarsden at wrote:
:  Greetings all!
: I do wonder if any of those brains out there can help me. Anybody ever 
: heard of Humulin?  It is microbially produced human insulin (I think the 
: organism of choice is Escherichia coli). I'm a biochem / micro major 
: doing a research paper on industrial production of Humulin, only problem 
: is that the production, I believe, is patented, so information (on an 
: industrial scale) is limited. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You should try journals such as Bio/Technology, which publish a lot
of papers on producing recombinant molecules.

Also, if a process is _patented_ then there is information available
on it in the patent -- that is the whole point of a patent.  The
inventor gives the public information in exchange for public
recognition of the inventor's rights to the use of the invention
described in the patent.  Legally, the patent must describe the
invention enough to replicate it.  

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