The immortal are living among us NOW!

Ann Tekatch a7503934 at
Thu Nov 2 22:08:07 EST 1995

FROM: Bill Tekatch <a7503934 at>

Many think that immortality is a hopeless quest.
If they were to realize that there are immortal
creatures living among us now, would that change
their minds?  I have found in the past that when
I gave a few clues about the identity of the
immortal creatures that people with a knowledge
of biology could name them within seconds.
So, here it goes.

They will never die from ageing.

They can be killed by accident or disease.

They are multi-cellular, and not microscopic.

Most of them actually are taller then the
human female.

Although their life-span is indefinite, there
is no confirmation of any of them being over
five thousand years old.

Has everybody got it?  Easy, isn't it?
Now, the big question is why don't we
apply our knowledge about them to achieve
human immortality?  By the way, they do
it by keeping a portion of their cells
in the fetal state all during their lives.

Bill Tekatch

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