Jobs - Where did it go?

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at NET.BIO.NET
Fri Nov 3 23:32:25 EST 1995

> what happened to
> Anybody got some idea on where to post a few job listings?
> I am not a recruiter!
> tx
> sf was replaced by the moderated newsgroup  Info follows:

Information for EMPLOYMENT/ (moderated)

USENET newsgroup name:  (moderated)

Newsgroup Moderation address:   employment-moderator at
				(bionet-jobs-offered at 
                                 is an alias for the above)

Moderator:			Dr. David Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager
				biosci-help at

Mailing list name:              EMPLOYMENT

E-mail posting addresses:       biojobs at
                                biojobs at

Newsgroup Charter and Moderation Policy:

EMPLOYMENT/ is to be used for the posting of job
openings in the biological sciences or professional level jobs that
support the work of biological scientists (such as for
computer/systems programming/support).  Jobs in both the non-profit
and for-profit sectors may be posted without format restrictions.
For-profit jobs, however, must be for professional level positions
that support biology research or that require the hiring of someone
with biological expertise, i.e., routine administrative jobs in
commercial companies, e.g., secretarial positions at biotech
companies, will not be posted in this forum and should instead be sent

Resumes will not be posted on Such postings
should be directed to

Because of the volume of posts to this newsgroup, the moderator will
assume that the readers are familiar with the policy as stated in this
newsgroup charter and will reject without comment any messages that do
not follow the guidelines above.  Appeals may be sent to
biosci-help at if one thinks that a posting was incorrectly
omitted.  Misdirected resumes will be deleted without comment.  It is
the responsibility of the posters, not the moderator, to read the
newsgroup usage instructions for and

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - The moderator does not check the content or
accuracy of EMPLOYMENT/ job ads and makes no
warranty, expressed or implied, about the truthfulness or accuracy of
the job descriptions posted on this newsgroup.  The moderator's sole
function is to filter out messages that do not appear to conform to
the newsgroup charter above and distribute messages that do appear to
conform to the newsgroup charter.  Readers assume all responsibility
for confirming on their own the accuracy of the job descriptions
posted to the newsgroup.

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