Energy sources (Re: The Motives of Scientists)

Tom Truchan cassidy at .edu
Sat Nov 4 16:51:52 EST 1995

>>Will Stewart (will1000 at ix, wrote:
>>:We continue to wus cheap, dirty energy; at some point, it will be in
>>:such ghort a supply as to require a change to another form; hopefully
>>:we can build the requisite solar/wind/geothermal/hydro infrastructure
>>:before a complete collapse of the energy supply.

>David Gunn (David.Gunn at replied:
>Yes, but global warming would be out of hand by then, in say 100 years.

I read once that the atmosphere is so saturated with carbon dioxide and 
other greenhouse gasses that no matter how much more we put into the air 
it won't make that much of a difference.  The effect of global warming 
will still increase but not exponentially.  

I am a strong supporter of renewable energy sources.  I think the worst 
thing we could do is rely too heavily on fossil feuls and I find the 
effect on the environment devastating.  When I read this article I 
didn't really believe it.  If you know differently please let me know.

Katrina Peek inky at
Iowa State University

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