Peer Review: A light-hearted reply 8-)

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Wed Nov 8 04:01:56 EST 1995

Dear David, Gotcha! As one of your "formers" you mentioned MT dynamics.
So drag out your old reprints and send them off to me, please. Yes,
reviewing people's track records has the same problems as any reviewing of
people by people. Maybe we should switch to peer review by machine
scoring. After all, you can achieve many undergraduate degrees nowadays,
and probably some advanced ones, without human intervention, so why not
review grants and papers that way?

Yours, -Dick Gordon, U.Manitoba[on strike],Nov8,95
author of:
Gordon, R. (1992). Grant agencies versus the search for truth. 
Accountability in Res. 2, 1-5.

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