Prenatal diagnosis

Isida Maria Aparecida de Campos Souza isouza at
Wed Nov 8 07:54:05 EST 1995

My name is Isida Souza. I am postgraduation student and the subject of my  
doctorate thesis is chromosomal mosaicism in chorionic villus sampling.  
I would   like to discuss this subject with people who have quite a few 
experience in this area. In my opinion everyboby who works with genetic 
couselling and prenatal diagnosis should worry with this chromosomal 
anomally. The main points that I would like to change informations are: 
- the ethilogy of mosaicism considering the embryological origin of 
chorionic villus;
- the main chromosomes involved in confined placental 
mosaicism and true mosaicism;
- the role of sex chromosomes and marker chromosomes in mosaicism and its 
meaning in the conceptus;
- aspects of genetic counselling when chromosomal mosaicism is detected 
in prenatal diagnosis techniques especially chorionic villus sampling.

isouza at 

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