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Wed Nov 8 13:06:53 EST 1995

kkashiha-tky at wrote:

> If anyone has some informations,would you tell me how and why to use DMSO=
>dimethylsulfoxide in moleculer and cellular biology? Any inputs,please!
>Yours Sincerely
>Kenichiro Kashihara,a medical student of Tokyo Univ.

One very common use of DMSO is in the cryopreservation of cells.  DMSO prevents the formation 
of intracellular ice crystals during freezing, making possible long-term frozen storage of 
living cells.  The following references may be helpful:

Rowley, S. D.  Techniques of bone marrow and stem cell cryopreservation and storage.  In: 
Sacher, R.A., and AuBuchon, JP, eds. Marrow Transplantation: Practical and Technical Aspects of 
Stem Cell Reconstitution.  Bethesda, MD; American Association of Blood Banks, 1992.  

Lovelock, JE, and Bishop, MWH.  1959.  Prevention of freezing damage to living cells by 
dimethylsulfoxide.  Nature 183:1394-5.  

Hope this helps.


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