snowshoe hare populations

Rick Toomey toomey at
Wed Nov 8 09:20:29 EST 1995


   I am a paleontologist at the Illinois State Museum.  I 
am involved in developing online (WWW) exhibits for our 
   As part of one exhibit I am developing a module on the 
snowshoe (or varying) hare (_Lepus americanus_).  In that 
module I would like to include a graph showing an example
of the population variation in the species.  
   To this end I would like to find out if any of the 
long series of population data are available in 
electronic form (spreadsheet, database, or ascii text).
I am particularly interested in the 1844 to 1904 Hudson Bay
Company fur records and the 1905 to 1935 trapper questionaires
datasets (from MacLulich, D.A. 1937, Fluctuations in the Numbers
of the Varying Hare (_Lepus americanus_), Toronto: Univ. of
Toronto Press.).
    Please contact me if you know of the electronic availability
of these or comparable datasets.

Thank you, 

Rickard Toomey
Illinois State Museum
toomey at 

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