Help!! IL-12

Yong Zhang zyong at
Thu Nov 9 11:36:18 EST 1995

Can anybody tell me the ADDRESS of Cytokines in WWW?

Hi, I decided to use Cytokine (IL-12 or INF-gamma) as Durg to treat 
intercelular bacterial infection disease (reactive arthritis). But, so 
far, I haven't decided which should I use. 
Can anybody tell me: 1) which is better? 
		     2) if IL-12 as drug treat reactive arthritis in the 
rats, I want to know the dose of IL-12 for the rat, 
		     3) where can I buy or get rat recombinant IL-12?

Zhang Yong				
Department of Medical Microbiology
Turku University
FIN-20520 Turku

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