The immortal are living among us NOW!

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>>>  You've got me stumped here. Is it some kind of tree, the giant
>>> pehaps?
>>For being "stumped" you did well.
>>It is the Brislecone Pine.  The oldest one found was
>>felled in 1964 in Nevada's Humboldt National Forest.
>>The Sierra redwood has an estimated maximum age
>>of 4,000 years and ages to 2,200 to 2,300 verified.
>>My point is perhaps trying to optimize the performance
>>of the human body for life span by fine tuning its
>>operation can only yield at best perhaps a 30%
>>increase in life span.  The giant advances will
>>come from radical steps such as the application
>>of knowledge about other organisms that are
>>already immortal.
>>Bill Tekatch

>Brislecone Pine don't have any living cells that are older than around
>30 years, they just form successive layers on top of one another that
>are continually dying out.  

>Steven Keys

hrumphhh, as I said - the apical maristem!

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